Donations of money or artifacts, documents or photos help sustain the Museum. The staff is all volunteer so monetary donations go entirely towards enhancing the Museum displays or acquiring new equipment.

Donating Money

Make checks payable to St. Clair Historical Museum. Send to the Museum address:

St. Clair Historical Museum
308 S. 4th St.
St. Clair, MI 48079

If you wish to honor or memorialize someone or direct the donation toward a specific purchase, please provide that information in your letter to us. The Museum is operated by the St. Clair Historical Commission, an organization of the City of St. Clair. Consult your tax adviser for tax deductable status.

Donating Artifacts, documents, or photos

The Museum staff is always interested in acquiring artifacts, documents or photos that relate closely to the St. Clair area, its businesses, history and its people. Space is limited for large objects.

If you have such an item you would like to donate, please contact us by mail (see above), by e-mail at, or by phone (810) 329-6888. We will discuss the item and our interest in it. If we accept the donation, you will receive a copy of the donation form for your records. We ask for as much background information on the item as possible to provide a historical context for the donation.

We are interested in “historic” photos of people, even to scan and return the original to you. Consult your tax adviser for any fair market value for such donations.