Explore Our Specialty Rooms

Diamond Crystal Salt

Take a “tour” of Cargill’s Diamond Crystal Salt Plant through photos, artifacts, schematics, and promotional materials. See the last three cylindrical shakers produced in the plant in 2022. See all the products that use salt from this plant which is the only one in the world producing Diamond Crystal Salt.

Brenner's Shoe Shop

Through vintage photos, stories and artifacts, take a close and nostalgic look at the type of equipment used to custom make shoes from the 1890’s through the 1930’s in St. Clair Brenner Shoe Shop.

Tool Room

Tools from pre-electric days for home repair, shipbuilding, and farming including a unique 24-blade push lawn mower, a treadle-operated bean sorter, hard-rubber tire “setter,” and meat slicer from Gliem’s Meat Market.

Maritime Room

Get upclose to Great Lakes Maritime history with photos and models of wooden and steel ships (and a railroad tunnel) built in St. Clair at the Langell Shipyard and Great Lakes Engineering Works from 1850 to 1910. See an authentic deck chair from the Great Lakes passenger ship “Tashmoo” that sailed daily between Detroit and Port Huron with stops at various ports including St. Clair and Harsen’s Island.


Marvel at the pre-electric kitchen appliances including a wood stove, hand washing machine, butter churn, a true “ice box” and hand operated vacuum cleaner.

Donald J. Blain Maritime Research Library

One seaman’s collection of all things (books, video tapes, periodicals, maps, log books, photos) related to the Great Lakes and Great Lakes Shipping.