St. Clair Historical Museum Merchandise

The Museum’s historic department store showcase displays a variety of merchandise to help you remember your visit to the Museum or the stories it has presented. The merchandise is available only at the Museum (not open to the public except by appointment. Call (810) 329-6888 for prices and an appointment. Included are:

  • Historic St. Clair Baseball caps
  • St. Clair Polo Shirts
  • St. Clair T-shirts
  • Fort Sinclair Christmas Tree ornaments
  • Fort Sinclair books – three versions: (Research book, historical booklet, children’s version)
  • Underground Railroad in St. Clair booklet
  • Note cards with St. Clair photos and illustrations
  • Bricks from the 1920’s hospital
  • Children’s booklets on St. Clair history
  • Bookmarks
  • “We’re In the Movies” DVD
  • “Moving the Customs House” DVD
  • St. Clair images bookmarks
St. Clair Historical Museum Merchandise