About The Belle Reve Room

Enjoy the Belle Reve Room with its magnificent paneling and fireplace. The beautiful wood came from an English Manor House and is more than 200 years old. The wood is one-inch thick English red oak with each carving done by hand. The massive fireplace mantel is nearly 11 ft. tall, 8 feet wide and weighs more than 400 pounds.

St. Clair businessman George Gordon Moore, who was involved in railroad electrification projects throughout Michigan, bought the paneling for $125,000 on one of his business trips to England in 1910. The paneling was an exciting addition to Belle Reve, Moore’s mansion on North Riverside. Belle Reve had originally been built in 1892 by Justin R. Whiting as an anniversary gift for his wife. Whiting owned a department store in St. Clair and also held state and federal political offices.

Belle Reve means “beautiful dream”. Moore dreamed of the paneling as a dramatic backdrop for the many “Edwardian English” parties he hosted at Belle Reve.

Museum visitors are invited to experience the “beautiful dream” by walking up the grand staircase and immersing themselves in the Belle Reve grandeur. It’s a great backdrop for family and group photos.

Belle Reve mansion with its hand-carved English oak paneling and fireplace.
Paneling and fireplace installed in the St. Clair Museum Belle Reve Room.

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