Become a St. Clair Historical Museum Volunteer!

Historical Commission members and Museum staff are all volunteers. We have no paid positions but are constantly seeking individuals who can work with others or alone on projects relating to all aspects of Museum operation. This includes:

  • Display design
  • Files and record keeping
  • Construction
  • Photography and Video production
  • Research librarian
  • Data entry
  • Writing and presenting
  • Tour guide
  • Technology
  • Artifact and display maintenance

Tuesday morning is the regular workday for volunteers throughout the year. Volunteers determine when they are able to work and who they would like to work with. Historic Commissioners are appointed by the St. Clair City Council and usually come from among Museum volunteers. Commissioners meet once a month from March to December.

For more information about becoming a volunteer, please call or e-mail us at (810) 329-6888,

Volunteer Application